The American Red Cross

Clara Barton: Fields of American Red Cross Relief Activity 1881-1904

Clara Barton personally led early relief efforts of the American Red Cross. Her work at sites of natural and man-made disaster convinced the International Red Cross to adopt this idea as the American Amendment to the Treaty of Geneva.

1881 Michigan forest fires
1882 Mississippi River floods
1883 Tornadoes in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi
1883 84 Floods of Mississippi and Ohio Rivers
1886 Charleston, South Carolina earthquake
1887 Texas famine
1888 Tornado at Mt. Vernon, Illinois
1888 Florida yellow fever epidemic
1889 Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood
1892 Russian famine
1893 Tornado at Pomeroy, Iowa
1893 Hurricane and tidal wave, South Carolina islands
1896 Armenian massacre in Turkey
1898 Spanish-American War in Cuba
1900 Galveston, Texas storm and tidal wave
1904 Typhoid fever epidemic in Butler, Pennsylvania

Note: Kids: How old was Clara during the Spanish-American War?